After a $1 million overhaul of Kensington Palace (which, to be fair, mostly consisted of structural changes needed for safety), Kate Middleton has decided that she... well, hates it. According to the Daily Mail, Kate is "dissatisfied" with some of the design aesthetics after trying to save money on paint color. "She wasn't happy with the result," reports the Mail, "one room came out with a horrible, unexpected purple tinge." Ah, unexpected purples can be SO ghastly!

Seeing as she planned the design and color scheme while pregnant with Prince George, she's reportedly "blaming it on her hormones before the birth." But never fear, the Duchess will get rid of that purple hue once and for all! She's enlisted the help of Ben Pentreath, an architectural and urban designer.

Pentreath has previously worked with Prince Charles on some of his properties and has been tapped to help William and Kate with their country estate, Amner Hall. Quite the gig for the 41 year-old designer, don't you think? A statement from the Palace said that any design and aesthetic-related costs will be covered privately by the family.

If she cares this much about a purple tinge in the paint color of one room, we can only imagine how stylish George's nursery is, all decked out for the little Prince! Click through the gallery above for Kate's best looks.