Katie Holmes is the face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, and Katie's campaign for the Holiday collection is absolutely stunning. Her hair is in flowing, old-Hollywood-glam waves, and she's wearing a bold red lip.

Holmes looks like she could be channeling Katherine Hepburn or Elizabeth Hurley, with her bright red lip and boldly-lined eyes. She's wearing a crimson feather and lace gown by Fabiola Arias and stands in front of a glittering gold background. We don't know about you, but we feel transported to a world of Hollywood glamour that we just don't always see these days.

The holiday collection is just as glittery and stunning as the latest ad campaign, from perfect red hues to shimmering champagne eyeshadow, we had to gather it here for you to see. Click through the gallery above to take a look!

Photo: Bobbi Brown