Katie Holmes was spotted out and about in NYC yesterday, not with Suri, but instead with...bangs! This is major news, you guys. In our book, Katie Holmes can do no wrong. We love her classic, sophisticated style, and would raid her wardrobe in a heartbeat. We loved her Bobbi Brown campaigns, we loved her during the Tom Cruise era...OK, you get the picture.

We just like, wish she'd called us or something before she got bangs. Bangs are big. They're a major hair change! We just wish we'd seen this one coming. Paparazzi shots are typically not the most flattering, so we're going to wait until we get some red carpet photos to really judge this hair transition. Right now, the bangs are still new, and we just don't feel right saying they're wrong just yet.

So, that's where you come in. Tell us what you think in the poll below! For more celebrity hair looks, click through the gallery above.

Do you think Katie Holmes looks better with bangs?
No way! Liked her hair before. 1 (33.3%)
Yes! She looks amazing. 1 (33.3%)
Undecided.1 (33.3%)