Kim Kardashian is many things ... Reality TV star, boutique owner, queen of the Kardashian clan, entrepreneur and now... video game maven? Turns out, Kim's video game, 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood' by Glu Games Inc., which debuted in June, has made roughly $200M, yes million dollars!

Kim has been promoting the game all over Instagram and her website boasting that the game takes you on a 'red carpet adventure' with Kim creating aspiring celebrity looks. Speaking with E! News, Kardashian remarked, "This project has been an amazing experience. I'm so excited that people are enjoying the game! I partnered last year with a fantastic company called Glu Mobile to created was is now the No. 3 Free and No. 5 Grossing game on the Apple App Store." Well played Kim, well played!

Apparently people are so addicted to this game that they keep buying more 'clothes' in turn actually spending money. The app developer Glu Games Inc. are also responsible for the creating 'Dino Hunter,' 'Deer Hunter,' and 'Hercules.' Looks like Kim K is in good company.

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