It's that time year where-despite the fact that it's February-spring is so close we can almost feel it. Sure, we're still piling on the layers to keep warm, but we're well aware that we'll be shedding 'em soon and swapping drab cold-weather colors for softer, spring-ready shades.

One we're particularly enamored with at the moment? Soft spearmint green, which is why we're featuring it as the next installment in our ROYGBIV Report (named after the handy acronym for the sequence of hues in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) in which we highlight fabulous finds in one chic shade. Spearmint green-also known as mint and sea foam-is refreshingly airy and wholly feminine, making it a must-add to your closet's color palette this spring. For a chic minimalist take, try pairing pops of mint with all an all-white outfit, or go all out and pile it on with other sweet sorbet shades such as lavender, ballet pink, and creamsicle orange.

From Donna Karan's clean-cut cropped jackets to Kate Spade's playfully patterned skirts, the spring 2013 collections heavily showcased this color on the runway, so get on top of the trend and shop our gallery now!

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