It's official: The series finale of Gossip Girl is a mere ten episodes away. While many a cynic may argue that the show actually ended sometime during the second season, for us die-hard Upper East Side wannabes, this news is harder hitting than a Nairtini to the head. Personally, Blair Waldorf is not only listed as an 'inspirational person' on my Facebook, but she's also my pet gerbil's namesake.

There's been a lot to love about Gossip Girl: The clever scheming, the ridiculous love triangles (hexagons?), the endless 'Chuck Bass' puns, the Williamsburg cityscapes, Blair's putdowns, the "underage" drinking, the predictable plot twists, Serena's endless supply of attractive man-suitors, and of course, Dorota. But of course, what we'll miss most of all is the fashion. Gossip Girl has been on top of the fashion game since its first "XOXO" way back in early 2007, and as the series progressed, the characters' signature styles arguably surpassed the plot development in terms of critical praise.

Between Blair's preppy headbands, Chuck's dandy suits, and Serena's gravity-defying cleavage, the influence the kids of Constance have had on street style and fashion spreads alike is undeniable. So, as a tearful ode to our favorite CW soap, here's a look back at some of the style stand-outs that have made the last five years of impossible-to-follow plot lines a little more bearable.

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Blake Lively Sparkles on the Red Carpet

Blake Lively Sparkles on the Red Carpet