The updo that singer and actress AJ Michalka sported at last night's Blue Jasmine premiere in Los Angeles was business in the front, but all party in the back.

AJ's simple side twist looks cool and classic when she's facing forward, but looking at it from behind is a whole 'nother story. Someone must have spent a serious amount of time twisting and pinning all those strands into place -- that's no beginner's job! In fact, we're kind of surprised we haven't already seen this kinda pretty, kinda cool, super-complicated looking 'do pop up on our Pinterest feed. All in due time, we suppose.
With twists being a major hair trend this upcoming fall, would you rock AJ's pinned and twisty style? Tell us your answer in the poll below!

Would you wear your hair in a pinned and twisted updo like AJ's?
Absolutely! Her hair looks gorgeous.1 (33.3%)
No way! It looks like a bird's nest. 1 (33.3%)
Maybe. Styles like that usually look better on Pinterest.1 (33.3%)