Starting today, you can now upgrade your Apple devices to the newest and most unique software upgrade since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, Apple iOS7. When Apple debuted it's newest iPhone a week ago in a range of colors and metallics, they also debuted iOS7, which promises to make life a little easier (and maybe a little more fashionable).

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The iOS7 software looks very different than what you may be used to. The soft colors and flat design make each icon look simpler. Now, you have access to more of your dashboard without having to unlock your phone and font design is even slimmer. Overall, while it may take some getting used to, we approve of the new design and feel!

One complaint from the peanut gallery has been battery life which is why we enlisted the help of our office-tech-guru to give us a quick lesson on how to improve the life of your battery.

1. Go to your settings folder.
2. Go to General > accessibility > reduce motion = ON
3. Go to General > background app refresh = OFF
4. Go to Privacy > location services > turn off as many apps as possible
5. Go to Privacy > location services > system services (at the bottom) > the only ones i'd leave ON is "cell network search" and "compass calibration" > turn the rest OFF
6. Go to Mail, contacts, calendars > fetch new data > push is best, or manual if you don't want push, but fetch is bad
7. Go to iTunes & app store > automatic downloads > all OFF
8. Go to Notification center > the less apps you "include" the better


Don't forget to check out our favorite iPhone cases in the gallery above!