Cellulite-blasting machines, fat-melting lasers, age-erasing injections - not so long ago, all of these things would have seemed like treatments straight out of a sci-fi novel. But, thanks to insane technological advancements in the beauty industry, all of these procedures not only exist, but are being used around the world as we speak.

"People are looking for less-surgical and less-aggressive interventions," says Dr. Neil Sadick, an NYC dermatologist, when asked to explain why these innovative new procedures are suddenly becoming so much more common. "They want minimal downtime and cost-effective procedures that don't interfere with their lifestyle."

What that means is a host of new lasers, ultrasounds, LED, and high-tech ingredients are now de rigueur at your dermatologist's office.We have the ability to do everything from sculpt our love handles and blast away cellulite to make our skin look years younger - we can even eradicate annoying problems like excessive sweating with just one simple, non-surgical treatment.

From costs and frequency, to what you can expect if you try them, read on for the full, expert scoop on these next-gen beauty treatments. Oh, brave new world, indeed.

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