Ombre hair: It's a trend as old as time, or at least a couple of years, and for good reason. Artistically faded locks look good on just about everyone, combining the multidimensional, polished look of highlights with a carefree, "the sun could've done this" demeanor. Unfortunately, the sun didn't for most of us, so instead we have to rely on hairdressers to replicate the effect. What's more, now that everyone and their dog has hopped aboard the ombre train, that hairstylist needs to set you apart (we're not about that clone look just yet; it's only 2013, after all).

No, we're gradually phasing out your typical cornsilk ends for different shades of light brown, unexpected in all their almost au natural glory. Plus, instead of the uniform lengths of yore, we're feeling ombré ends of varying inches, with an emphasis closer to the face. Whatever your fancy, we've got an inspirational image for it; check the slideshow above to help your hairdresser (or you, for all the fearless ombre DIY ladies out there) make it happen.

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Photos: Pinterest, Courtesy of Beauty High