Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber got into a heated argument -- and almost fist fight -- over Miranda Kerr on Wednesday. The stars were at Ciprani in Ibiza, Spain when the argument took place, ending with Bloom taking a swing at the Biebs, and the whole place cheering.

Sources spoke with Page Six about the altercation, saying that Orlando tried to hit Justin after the pop star made a crude comment about Miranda Kerr, who was just announced as the newest face of 7 For All Mankind. Note: seeing the photo from campaign, we get why punches were thrown!

The two have had bad blood for years -- after a flirty moment between Miranda and Justin at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show reportedly caused issues for the then-married Bloom and Kerr. They've since separated, and Bloom has been seen spending time with Justin's ex Selena Gomez. So yes, this is weird all-around... a love square one might say?

The two stars were with their "entourages," and didn't interact until the Biebs was leaving the club. When walking by Bloom's table, Orlando apparently wouldn't shake Justin's hand - causing Justin to say something along the lines of "she was good." This is where the punch came in!

Sources close to Bieber claim that the comment wasn't made until after the punch, but obviously there are two sides to every story. Regardless of when comments were made, they got in each other's faces and exchanged some nasty words.

Clearly Justin wasn't too fazed by the incident, since he posted a picture of Miranda Kerr on Instagram the next day (but later deleted it).

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Click through the gallery above to see Miranda's best style moments, and watch the video below for more from when these two came to blows:
Orlando Bloom Throws Punch at Justin Bieber