Pippa Middleton, younger sister of Duchess Kate, just cut her hair short! Having long, glossy, blown-out hair is the style the Middleton sisters have shared for years -- so Pippa's choice to get a crop comes as a bit of a surprise! By chopping her hair into a long bob (also known as the lob) Pippa is taking a bit of a departure from her hair-comfort-zone.

Pippa debuted her new hairstyle while attending a society party in London last night, pairing the 'do with an emerald green lace dress. Long bobs seem to be the cut most favored by celebrity women lately and Pippa's decision has some asking - will Kate follow suit? After some suggestion that Duchess Camilla was attempting to get Kate to chop her hair now that she's a mother, we have to say it would be a little heartbreaking if she did. Pippa's cut is pretty, but we can't be alone in thinking a drastic cut for Kate's famous hair (she WAS named Britain's hair icon) would border on criminal!

After all - the dramatic hair flips would end. Can you imagine no more Kate hair flips?

Kate Middleton hair flip GIF
Kate Middleton hair flip GIF

Click through the gallery above to see Pippa's new 'do.

Photo credit: Richard Young, REX; GIFs: Tumblr