The Rockettes, those high-kicking stars of the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular," have become almost as synonymous with the holidays as Santa Claus–only they're a lot prettier than he is.

I recently got the opportunity to spend time backstage (a career highlight for me, seriously) with four of the 80 current Radio City Rockettes (there's a touring group, too) who at 8am, greeted me with signature smiles and blindingly sparkly silver dresses. They ranged in age from an 18-year-old rookie making her debut to a 30-year-old nine-year vet of the show.

Each week, these ladies perform in 12-17 shows and get only one day off–for an entire eight week run. They also–and this was news to us–do their own hair and makeup for every single show. Suffice it to say that they are product experts with a wealth of tips to share.

From the absolute best red lipstick (and how to make it stay on) to the diet they adhere to, we got the whole scoop on how the Rockettes stay glowy all season long.

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