For many of us, the start to Spring is the perfect excuse to do some much needed cleaning. From getting rid of those oversized (and over worn) sweaters to making sure your bedroom and drawers are neatly organized, there maybe one more place in desperate need of spring cleaning: your makeup drawer.

Often overlooked, this place is a hot spot for disorganization, germs, and forgotten beauty products. The rule of thumb: if you can't remember the last time you used the beauty product, get rid of it!

Once you've discarded your old and unused makeup, it's time to upgrade your storage. There are several types of makeup storage containers: countertop organizers, drawer organizers, and makeup bags.

Lastly, it's critical that you wash all your brushes. Not only will help keep you brushes in tact and last longer, but it will kill any bacteria that might be on your brushes from repeated use. Our StyleList Curator, Miss Maven shares a homemade brush cleanser solution for easy use.

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