Does anyone remember a time when pre-seasons like resort would pass us by without much fanfare? How naive we used to be.

Resort shows have been steadily rolling out for the past six weeks, and the season continues to prove itself to be one that is simultaneously steady and in flux. Steady, because more designers take part every season as a result of the the season's long shelf life and increasing consumer demand, but also in flux, because there is much debate about what resort actually means.

One designer's idea of resort can be completely different from the next. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it can lead to plenty of variety. Some designers stick to tradition by designing for the literal "resort" (you'll notice a fair share of palm tree prints this season). Others prefer not to be bound to the traditions of seasonal dressing.

Despite all that, there were plenty of classic resort trends represented for 2015. Click through to see the which ones rose to the top.

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