The much anticipated Rihanna for River Island collection debuted at London Fashion Week this year, and it was met with mixed reviews.

Rihanna has stunned us lately on the red carpet, so the entire world was excited to see what she would bring to the runways of London Fashion Week with her River Island line. True to her bad-girl style, she brought looks that were daring, flashy and revealing. The slits were high, the tops sparse, and the fabrics sheer.

Though MTV backed RiRi up, saying they loved her "comfy girly-yet-grunge pieces," it was panned by some critics as a "horror show." The Daily Beast called it "tiresome" and "uninspired," while New York Magazine acknowledged that it will sell anyway, because "she's Rihanna, after all."

We see how it is inspired by Rihanna (some of the pieces seem to come right from her closet!), as it takes from the '90's with those sky-high slits and short crops. The question remains: is Rihanna the only woman who can pull off these looks?

Tell us what you think of Rihanna's new line! Click through the gallery above to see for yourself, and tweet us @StyleList to tell us your opinion.

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