Celebrity makeup artist and StyleList guest editor Billy B has worked with some incredibly talented celebrities, including Zoe Saldana, Missy Elliot, Pink, Lady Gaga, and more. Billy has been able to create stunningly beautiful and unique looks on video shoots, red carpets, photo shoots, and even music tours. With more than 20+ years of experience, picking favorites is not something Billy B likes to do. However, when we pressed him for a few of his most memorable clients, the list was quite impressive.

"I've had an incredible opportunity to work with extremely talented people. When I became a makeup artists, I started in the celebrity world before it was cool. It was models on the covers of magazines at the time, so editorially, it was a challenge. During that time, I started working with Destiny's Child, Pink, and Missy Elliot before their singles came out. I had the rare opportunity to work with those artists, and have continued to work with artists for more than a decade. It has been amazing to watch that and experience it."

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