If you claim not to care about celebrities-what they're wearing, where they're going, who they're dating, and what they're eating-you're lying. You may feign indifference but I'm pretty sure we'd find you flipping through US Weekly or In Touch in the airport, at the nail salon, or maybe even in the privacy of your own apartment.

Now if the "Celebrities, They're Just Like Us" section has proven anything, it's that we'll take the time to check out our favorite starlet pumping gas or grabbing Starbucks. Which means that when it comes to something like celebrity weddings and the wedding dress styles they wore, you've got our full attention.

There are celebrity wedding dresses you just can't forget, like Gwen Stefani's dip-dyed Dior orCarolyn Bessette-Kennedy's simple silk Narciso Rodriquez. But there are certainly some wedding dress styles that have faded from memory. For instance, would you be surprised to learn that Sarah Jessica Parker wore black down the aisle? Or that Elizabeth Taylor wore yellow when she married Richard Burton?

Just in time for wedding season, I've rounded up my favorite celebrity wedding dress styles and the gowns you need to get the look too. From Keira Knightley in the fantastically cool mini dress and cropped jacket to Nicole Richie in the lace and mega-tulle skirt, there's plenty of eye candy even if you've already walked down the aisle.

Scroll through to shop the chicest celebrity wedding dress styles.

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