For teen girls across the country, this time of year is completely consumed by that one big night: prom. We completely sympathize (after all, we were there not too long ago!), and so we went on a hunt to find the best prom dresses for you, no matter what your hair color.

As we've discovered, redheads look amazing in bright greens and metallics. After sitting down to chat with former Project Runway contestant and fashion designer Nick Verreos -- now officially our go-to prom dress expert -- we know exactly what colors will look amazing on you if you're a brunette.

"I think brunettes look great in red," Nick told us. He also suggests deep muted purples, violets and grapes. We know that brunettes look incredible in greens as well. Nick told us that brunettes can tackle bright colors -- not too neon -- so if you're a brown-haired beauty, go for it!

One thing Nick says is most important? "Look outside the box." You don't have to go to a prom-specific store to find the perfect dress, and always remember that you can run to JoAnn Fabrics and get some fun accents to personalize your outfit for the big night.