Someone one said that luxury isn't about money, it's about choice. Lucky for you, when it comes to the fresh selection of handbags at the ready this season, there's as much choice as you could possibly desire. Whether you want to spend $70 or $7000, we found the most worthy spring bags for your money.

On the hyper-luxury end of the market, we have The Row. Their brand new (and absolutely gorgeous) ostrich and canvas backpack rings in at just over $6900. While it's certainly spendy, the shape is timeless and the fabrication is premium-ensuring it will be good to you for years and years.

In stark contrast, we love H&M's white faux leather fringed shoulder bag. This is one of those fun, impulse purchases that will be just the thing to get you through festival season, beach weekends and picnics at the park until September... And then be retired. (Either to the back of your closet or Good Will.)

And what's in the middle? Amazing cluches, toes, satchels and bucket bags from $200 to $3000, from Gucci, 3.1 Phillip Lim, J. Crew and more. We guarantee that no matter what your version of luxury is, there's a chic new spring bag in your future.

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