The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Prince William are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary today, April 29th.

As members of the royal family, William and Kate do not often show their affection for one another. Whether they refrain from PDA as part of royal protocol (and professionalism) or whether they'd just like to keep their private lives private, it's a rarity for them to be photographed being at all lovey-dovey.

But being a rarity, they're also our favorite kinds of photographs, of course! So in honor of their fifth wedding anniversary, click through the gallery to see the cutest -- and most candid -- photos of William and Kate as a couple. From sheer joy at a gold medal win during the 2012 Olympics making William scoop Kate up in a hug, to the moment he presented her with a flower in Australia, they melt our hearts! (We know, she gets flowers ALL the time. But something about that one made her super happy.)

Plus, see our favorite style moments from the royal wedding below -- from Pippa Middleton's killer bridesmaid dress to Kate's stunning reception gown!