We all have our beauty favorites-the perfect red lipstick, the trusty eyeliner that never budges. Then there are the products good enough to be internationally beloved. If you haven't heard of cult classic Bioderma Crealine by now, get ready to take notes and do a little online shopping. A staple in every makeup artist's bag, this magic formula is the gold standard of micellar waters-that cleanser–meets–makeup–remover mixture made all the more alluring by its indisputable French chic. There's no oily residue, but somehow the miracle water wipes every bit of makeup-even the waterproof stuff-clean.

Bioderma Crealine's wild popularity got us thinking: what is it about French pharmacy products that we just can't resist? Is it the minimalist (yet always elegant) packaging? Or is it simply that je ne sais quoi that sells us on everything French?

We might not have the answer just yet, but we did round up some of our favorites in the good name of research. There's a trio of effective micellar waters to choose from, plus a beautifully soothing face mist to follow them. And because it never hurts to add a little extra luxury, we threw in one of our favorite dry oils from Nuxe-which will fix all your winter skin and hair woes and leave you smelling completely irresistible.

Shop our top picks in the slideshow above for your ultimate (French) skincare needs.

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