We think it was the very first episode of The Hills, when Whitney Port was shamed for her outfit on her way into Teen Vogue's Los Angeles offices to meet with Lisa Love, the West Coast's answer to Anna Wintour. One of the Teen Vogue editors informed Whitney that her outfit was too Western-inspired, therefore, "so last season". Well, Teen Vogue editor -- you've been proven wrong, because Western styles are back with a vengeance this summer, and it seems like no piece of clothing has been left un-fringed.

You may think we're kidding, but oh -- we're not. We're not saying go out and buy a fringed leather jacket a la Miranda Kerr, but we do thing a fringe-accented sandal or clutch will do quite nicely in your summer wardrobe. Click through the gallery to view our full report on the trend.

Photo credit: Look Linger Love