Wouldn't it be nice if you could cut your morning routine in half? Some women swear by their regular visits to the salon to receive a keratin straightening treatment or relaxation. Others can't go a few weeks without getting a bleached root touch-up.

But did you know that these three seemingly basic procedures can pose a high risk for bad allergic reactions and skin irritation? Even worse, the chemicals used in these three products are all linked in some way to a higher occurrence of various forms of cancer. The FDA does not regulate what goes into these cosmetic products, so assuming that if a salon uses it that it's safe is the wrong mindset to have.

See, your skin is an extremely effective way for chemicals to reach the bloodstream (doctors are creating creams that will administer medicine directly through your skin), and the skin on your scalp is the most porous of all. So we need to be extremely vigilant about what chemicals we allow to touch our heads.

Click through the gallery above to see the risks involved with these three hair treatments, and why you should maybe "just say no" next time you visit the salon!