Victoria's Secret, along with supermodel Lily Aldridge, is celebrating the 9th annual 2014 What is Sexy? List today. This year's theme, "LESS IS MORE", couldn't ring more true to us. After all, aren't women at their most sexy when they're feeling naturally beautiful? As Lily Aldridge told us, "sexy is all about confidence!". The list honors some of our favorite celebrities, from Jessica Biel to Blake Lively and Gabrielle Union, for being all about "maximum impact with minimal effort", and embodying a casually confident lifestyle.

Inspired by this year's What is Sexy? List reveal, Victoria's Secret is also launching a new collection of bras, including the Incredible, Fabulous, T-Shirt Bra and Unlined Styles. The collection promises to be sleeker and more modern than ever, and comes in an array of sexy, deep fall colors, like rich grape, olive, and navy. You can peep the collection for yourself over at Victoria's Secret.

To see which celebs made this year's What is Sexy? List, click through the gallery above.