From the moment I saw Kimberly Ovitz's debut collection while working as a buyer for Intermix several years ago, I was stuck. Her pieces were precise and wearable made up of luxurious knits, body-con minis and moto jackets -- the essentials, only better.

Today as we chat backstage moments before showtime, she tells me not much has changed. Her signature minimalist aesthetic remains although she continues to evolve by experimenting with color, prints and patterns. Likewise so does her fascination with the forces of nature, manifesting itself this season in a collection inspired by the natural defense mechanisms of animals and insects.The idea of wearing our clothing as armor.

"For example, I saw a picture of a beetle and decided to construct a dress in that shape" she explained. As I watch the show I can spot this style and notice the use of raised sharp seams and trapunto stitching throughout which reference the exoskeletons Ovitz described. Yet each hard structure had a flow in the form of delicate lace or soft, faux shearling and one final whispering maxi dress that swept passed like a soft breeze and made an expression as hard as the metal choker around the model's neck.

The collection's exotic mood was punctuated by poisonous reptilian colors juxtaposed with grounded earthy tones and serpentine jewels, Ovitz's first collection of jewelry with Shapeways 3D. The jewels as the clothing explore the idea of wearable armor and are available for immediate purchase off the runway.

Written By: Jessica Hoppe, Photo Credit: Jessica Hoppe