As far as we're concerned, January Jones can do no wrong in the beauty department. That's why, when we spotted photos of her in a cobalt blue, gold-belted Roksanda Ilincic look at the Mad Men season 7 premiere party, we were immediately intrigued by her daring eyeliner choice.

We typically prefer to match our eyeliners to our eye colors -- you know, the whole green eyes look best with purple liner, and brown with blue thing. But really, we rarely venture past a black or dark brown/gray situation. However, January's beauty look has us thinking on a whole 'nother level. Going with the whole cobalt/metallic cold colorblocking theme, January's makeup artist used a bright blue liner on her top lid, and a brilliant gold shade on the bottom. The resulting effect sounds weird, but actually turned out really pretty. While we're not sure we'll be sporting this look at the next wedding we attend, we've gotta say -- this isn't too shabby an option for your next music festival. So, what do you think? Would you try it yourself? Vote in our pull below!

Would you match your eyeliner to your outfit?
You bet!1 (33.3%)
No way! 1 (33.3%)
Ehh...not sure if I like it or not.1 (33.3%)

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